Mohammad Motamedi, born on Sept. 24, 1978

He has started learning singing & also playing Ney as self-taught since adolescence. Since 1997, he stated learning singing style of Seyed Hossein Taherzadeh by esteemed artist Hamidreza Noorbakhsh. Due to his interesting in Esfahan song school, he consequently has practiced & made into a role model from songs of masters such as Taj Esfahani & Adib Khansari and has benefitted from guidance of esteemed masters such as the late Dr. Hossein Omoumi & Aliasghar Shahzeidi” in this regard.

He has activity in several groups (bands) so far, from which can indicate to Khorshid Ensembl – Sun Ensembl – (Majid Derakhshani), Hamnavazan-e Sheida – Sheyda Ensembl – (Mohammadreza Lotfi), Iranian National Orchestra (Farhad Fakhreddini), Hamnavazan-e Mehr – Mehr Symphony – (founded by himself, Mohammad Motamedi).


Radio France prize winner – 2013

‘Ocora is a French record label specializing in field recordings of world musiceach and each year release an album by the winner of the ‘France Musique world music prize. The 2013 winner was the Iranian singer Mohammad Motamedi. A perfect exponent of Persian classical singing from Iran’s younger generation, Motamedi finds his inspiration in his love of classic Persian poetry. Accompanied by kamancheh fiddle, tar lute, ney flute and the daf and tombak drums, the singing of Motamedi takes this subtle ancient tradition to new heights. The recordings of the album (Mohammad Motamedi & Chant classique) were made in Tehran in November–December 2013


He has executed several concerts in Iran & the World so far, from which can indicate to:

  • Extemporization concert in theatre of Paris
  • Concert in historical Palace of Versailles
  • Concert in Rasa theatre – Otrowkht, Trophen Theatre – Amsterdam (Poland)
  • Concert in Music Conservator Rome-Italy
  • Participation in International Festival of Sufi Music in Karachi – Pakistan
  • Participation in International Festival of Magham in Azerbaijan
  • Concert in the Seat of the UNICCO – Paris
  • Participation in Morgan Land Festival – Osnabruck – Germany
  • Qasida concert: Rosario Latremendita & Mohammad Motamedi Iran & Flamenco
  • Rumi Ensemble & Mohammad Motamedi European Tour 2013
  • Concert with Raz Music Ensemble (Honor of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī) at Konya,Turkey December 2015


And concerts held inside the country together with Khorshid Ensembl (Sun Ensembl), Hamnavazan-e Sheida (Sheyda Ensembl), Hamnavazan-e Mehr (Mehr Ensembl) & Iranian National Orchestra and other several concerts…


The above named published works are including:

  1. Vatanam Iran (Mohammadreza Lotfi & Hamnavazan-e Sheida (Sheyda Ensembl) – 2008)
  2. Boodan & Soroudan (Majid Derakhshani & Khorshid Ensembl (Sun Ensembl) – 2006)
  3. Sufi (Mohammad Motamedi, Sina Jahanabadi & Hossein Rezaeinia – 2007)
  4. Ashoora Opera (Behzad Abdi & Behrouz Gharib – 2008)
  5. Molavi Opera (Behzad Abdi & Behrouz Gharib – 2009)
  6. Yadvareye Aref-e Ghazvini (Mohammadreza Lotfi & Hamnavazan-e Sheida (Sheyda Ensembl) – 2009)
  7. Ey Asheghan (Mohammadreza Lotfi & Banovan-e Sheida (Sheida Women) – 2009)
  8. Video Album of Dashti Concert – Vatanam Iran (Mohammadreza Lotfi & Sheida Threefold Groups – 2008)
  9. Video Album of Chavosh Concert 8- Iran Ey Saraye Omid (Mohammadreza Lotfi & Hamnavazan-e Sheida (Sheyda Ensembl) – 2009)
  10. Saye- e Jan (Mohammadreza Lotfi &Sheyda Ensembl – 2010)
  11. Gahi Segahi (Pouya Saraei – 2012)
  12. Sarasar Meh (Arash Kamvar – 2013)
  13. In The Distance A Call (Mehdi Teimoori – 2015)
  14. Pass (Ali Ghamsari – 2015)
  15. Eshghim Gal (Hossein Alizadeh – 2015)