French World Music Award For Iranian Artist


The Babel Med Music is to dedicate the 2013 French Music Award to the Iranian musician and vocalist Mohammad Motamedi. Motamedi will record a CD with ‘Radio France Ocora Records’ the following year, said Motamedi’s program manager Amir Ali Besharati. Born in 1978, Motamedi performed several well-received concerts in Iran and some other countries. He held Extemporization concert in theater of Paris, concert in historical Palace of Versailles and concert in Music Conservator Rome-Italy, Press TV said. Motamedi also participated in International Festival of Sufi Music in Karachi, Pakistan. Babel Med Music, which celebrates exceptional artists in World Music, is set to honor the best creative artists as well as the best artists in the category ‘talents without borders’ at this year’s program.

The ninth edition of Babel Med Music award ceremony will be held in Marseilles from March 21-23.